357th Fighter Group Artifacts


This collection contains photographs of uniforms, scarves, short snorters, and material objects such as rudder fabric, shrapnel and shell casings.

Items in the 357th Fighter Group Artifacts Collection

Combat Aircraft of World War II 1938-1939, by Enzo Angelucci and Paolo Matricardi, owned by Nathan Shaw

"Greetings from England" war souvenir w/8th Air Force Logo, lace border, silver background

Rudder Fabric and fabric tacks
Merle Olmsted

spent 50 caliber round, P-51B and C had 4 guns, D had 6 guns. tracer/incinerary round (still live but no powder), piece of brass from plane, piece of plastic possibly distributer cap, piece of fiberglass insulation used to protect electronics from…

7 Medals, 1 Newspaper Photo, 2 Photographs